We are a fast-growing company. Our brand entered the market a couple of years ago, having developed interesting products and services. 

Eventually, we faced a situation when all the knowledge and practice gained, was not shared within the team so well. 

ხალხი დარბის ბილიკზე

The major issue was related to the time and energy used to find answers to some key questions around the products and internal processes. Our staff had to check multiple documents to get the information needed. 

So we decided to make a change in this route. We built our knowledge base in collaboration with Helpjuice team to improve staff performance and to serve our customers in the best way possible. 

Our main purpose was to find a cloud based platform which could give us an opportunity to engage staff in a fun way, let them follow the changes in a timely manner and make the learning process more interesting. 


While looking for the best options of knowledge base tools, we conducted research based on the key criteria, customer reviews, and launching trial versions. 

Helpjuice was the best on the market as they offered even more advanced features and the best service throughout the sales process. 

By launching Helpjuice we are expecting to engage the whole staff in the learning process which is much easier and saves time. 

დანომრილი სკამები

We are going to use Helpjuice platform to help new recruits to prepare for exams. It also encourages working staff to improve their knowledge digitally and based on this experience new ideas have already been developed in terms of spreading our knowledge and practice. 

The most enjoyable thing is that users have a chance to upgrade the content. They can evaluate the articles, put their ideas and add more stuff to the existing information. And all this is done in a user-friendly way.