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Information Leaflet


Below you will find the basic conditions of third party civil liability insurance (hereinafter "Motor liability"). This information leaflet does not contain any detailed information about conditions of insurance and does not represent the insurance contract. Therefore, this leaflet does not imply any legal consequences between us. 

Who is Insurer? 

JSC "TBC Insurance" (ID code 405042804).  

Address: #24B Al. Kazbegi Avenue, Tbilisi; hot line/phone: (+995 32) 242 22 22. 

Type of insurance contract 

This information leaflet contains brief information about the Contract, which you will sign for the purpose of motor liability insurance. When you purchase the insurance, you will be given a document certifying the validity of insurance – “Insurance Policy”. The Policy  contains conditions of insurance. It  represents a unified insurance contract. The detailed conditions of insurance listed in the Insurance Policy are available at web site   www.tbcinsurance.ge

When you purchase insurance, it means that you agree with the insurance conditions given on the website and listed in the Policy.   


 What is covered?

Motor insurance liability covers the damage inflicted to life health or property of the third party in the course of driving the vehicle by the authorized driver indicated in the Policy.  

In which countries is the insurance valid?

You will be insured on the territory of Georgia (except for the occupied territories). 

 About your financial coparticipation: 

Your financial participation in insurance is the payment of insurance premium. You will agree the schedule of payment with the Insurer and this schedule will be then indicated in your Policy. Your financial participation may also be reflected in the deductible. You may choose whether or not to apply the deductible and agree on its amount. This amount will also be indicated in the Policy. If you choose to apply the deductible, it will be deducted from the amount of reimbursement at each and every occurrence. 

 How insurance policy is activated?

Insurance Policy is activated at 24:00 of the first day of insurance period. The Policy will be activated on condition that the first or single installment of insurance premium is fully paid. 

What to do in case of occurrence: 

What is not covered? 

The loss shall not be reimbursed in the following cases: 

In how many days will the damage be reimbursed? 

The damage will be reimbursed within 5 (five) working days from signing of the written greement on the amount of the damage.  

 In which cases may the insurance be cancelled 

The insurance may be cancelled at any time at the Insurer’s or your request. The insurance will be terminated if the party requesting termination sends a written notification to the other party. The notification must be sent within the period specified in the insurance conditions. Insurance can also be terminated in other cases provided by the insurance conditions. You can request the refund for the premium already paid, in accordance with the terms described in insurance conditions.

The insurance will be terminated if you fail to pay insurance premium within 30 calendar days from the due date of payment indicated in the Policy.  

 Protection of consumers' rights: 

If you have any concerns regarding the insurance conditions or quality of service, you can at any time call us through the hot line: 242 22 22.  The department of Quality Control will study your notification within 10 (ten) working days. 

Data protection: 

Please take into consideration that for the purpose of protection of consumers rights and improvement of service quality, all incoming calls to the hot line shall be recorded. 

Your personal data will be processed for the purposes specified in the insurance conditions. 

 Information about our supervising body: 

LEPL Insurance State Supervision Service  of Georgia

Address: #34 Abuladze street, Tbilisi city  


Thank you for choosing our services!