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TBC Insurance is a modern insurance company. Our goal is to make insurence easy and accessible to everyone with digital and technological approaches.


In 2016 TBC Group acquired insurance company Copenbur, which resulted in a new insurance company, TBC Insurance. From the very beginning our goal was to offer high-quality services for both retail and corporate sectors. From the initial stages, different types of digital and modern approaches have been introduced, which facilitates the simplification of the insurance process. With the company's growth, TBC Insurance added new products and directions.


Buying almost all retail products from TBC Insurance is available online. Also, the first Georgian insurance bot was created by TBC Insurance, B bot can insure you directly from facebook messenger. Since its foundation, TBC Insurance has reimbursed 20 million GEL losses to its customers. TBC Insurance holds 22.8% of the non-health market.


 In 2019 TBC Insurance added health insurance as one of the most important and strategic product. Free choice of providers, unlimited online reimbursement and digital platforms are the key factors in determining our quality of service.


Today, 300 people work in TBC insurance team. Paata Ghadzadze the founding member of TBC Group is the CEO of the company. He has many years of working experience in the financial sector as well as banking and insurance direction.