Personal Accident Insurance

You insure the following

Personal accident insurance provides protection in the event of unwanted accidents that lead to injury or death of your employee. 




Personal Accident Insurance

A total of 7,604 employees of up to 200 companies are currently taking advantage of personal accident insurance from TBC Insurance. 



*Data displayed updated as of 31 July 2020. 

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Types of coverage 


  • Permanent partial disability
  • Permanent total disability 
  • Death

How to purchase insurance

  • In order to purchase insurance, kindly call our hotline at 2 42 22 22



How to act in case of an accident

  • In case of accident, call our hotline at 2 42 22 22 imediately.


Who the insurance is meant for

  • Personal accident insurance may be purchased by any individual or legal entity that owns a small, medium-sized or large business. 




You may insure 

  • Your employees



What qualifies as a personal accident



  • Any unpredictable work-related accidents that lead to deterioration of the employee's health and/or temporary/permanent disability or death.